Noel Communications has MEF certified staff to help operate a growing Ethernet presence in the Pacific Northwest at extremely competitive pricing. We keep our costs down by making sure that our Ethernet presence uses dedicated MEF compatible technology. Our Ethernet network is not a hybrid network and uses advanced protection protocols to avoid the use of spanning tree. We have a philosophy of using routers to route and switches to switch which ensures that our Ethernet devices move layer 2 frames as quickly as possible avoiding the “bumps on the wire” often encountered by our competitors who seek to agglutinate multiple services on a single, expensive platform.

We like to design our own networks and our engineering team uses many vendors to ensure diversity and appropriate to conditions design. ADVA, Ciena, Cisco, Extreme, Foundry, and Juniper switches can all be found interoperating on our network. Our customers enjoy the reliability a network designed using in house talent provides while our competition often has to rely on single vendor support.